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GenWrapper is a generic BOINC wrapper for legacy applications utilizing GitBox (a variant of BusyBox): Use POSIX like shell scripting and built-in commands like tar, awk, sed, zip, etc. to control and execute your legacy Desktop Grid application.

Desktop Grids represent an alternative trend in Grid computing using the same software infrastructure as Volunteer Computing projects, such as BOINC. Applications to be deployed on a BOINC infrastructure need special preparations. However, there are many legacy applications, that have either no source code available or would require too much effort to port. For these applications BOINC provides a wrapper. This wrapper can handle the simple cases and it is configurable, but it can only be used to execute a list of legacy executables (tasks) one after the other. GenWrapper aims to provide a generic solution for wrapping and executing an arbitrary set of legacy applications by utilizing a POSIX like shell scripting environment to describe how the application is to be run and how the work unit should be processed. This is realized by an extended version of BusyBox providing the most common UNIX commands and a POSIX shell interpreter in a single executable with a special applet (BusyBox extension) to make BOINC API functions accessible from the shell on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X platforms.

More detailed description can be found in the following papers:

Attila Csaba Marosi, Zoltan Balaton, Peter Kacsuk: GenWrapper: A Generic Wrapper for Running Legacy Applications on Desktop Grids
3rd Workshop on Desktop Grids and Volunteer Computing Systems (PCGrid 2009), 2009 May, Rome, Italy

Peter Kacsuk, Jozsef Kovacs, Zoltan Farkas, Attila Csaba Marosi, Gabor Gombas and Zoltan Balaton: SZTAKI Desktop Grid (SZDG): A Flexible and Scalable Desktop Grid System
Journal of Grid Computing, 2009

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